Going on a road trip . . .

We’re going on a road trip, going to be a long one, we’re not scared. . . .

For some reason when the words “We are going on a road trip” play in my head, they are to the “tune” of “We’re going on a Bear Hunt, We’re going to catch a big one, we’re not scared . . .”

I’m not sure if it really counts as a long one. We will make it to Ohio in two days, two long days, but still only two days. Then we will be in Ohio for a few days, then we will be headed somewhere else, and we aren’t sure yet. Hopefully stay there for a few days, and then head home. The goal is to only have to drive one day (or less) in a row at a time on the way home.

We’ve taken short, longish, and longer trips with the kids. This will be the longest one with all FOUR of them. And the first long trip in the van.

I’ve started the pre-packing. That is when you make lists, collect the luggage, backpacks, etc. that are going to be used and laying out things that won’t be needed in the interim, . . .

I see lists about what to bring for the kids, ideas with magnetic trays with various doo-dads, or water wow books, which are great.

What about that other stuff. The stuff that you needed but didn’t think that you needed, and that hopefully doesn’t cost you much.

1. Grocery sacks. Grab a couple of handfuls out of your pantry and wade them up. Shove it in the front passenger door. You can use them to collect trash, dirty diapers, dirty clothes… toys and books that get tossed about and never fit back into the backpack, tote bag properly . . . If you want to get super fancy you can take your empty plastic cereal container thing that never has cereal inside and line it with a trash bag and now you have a smell dampened portable trash can.

2. Plastic drink cups. I don’t use them for drinks. That would be stupid because no kid needs an open cup full of a drink while flying down the road. In fact I prefer to limit drink consumption as much as possible. The cups are for snacks. Its a lot easier for a kid to eat goldfish out of a cup than a ziplock bag (or the community box/bag).

3. Earbuds. While my husband has the fancy noise cancelling headphones, I find that a pair of ear buds, stuck into my phone, playing “Pure White Noise” from Amazon Prime music does a fantastic job of cancelling out whatever is going on in the car.

4. Roll of paper towels + extra wipes + tissues. You can never have enough napkins. We have diaper wearing aged kids and so we always have wipes. Even if you don’t have young children, just grab a package of wipes. They are like ready-made wet napkins.

5. Hand sanitizer. I’m not normally this much of a clean freak. I’m not a daily user of hand sanitizer despite being a mom of four little people. And I feel like my list is a bunch of cleaning products, but really its a way of keeping things in check while being in a small enclosed space for extended periods of times. If I am traveling, I like my hand sanitizer.

What else?

6. Map. When was the last time you used an old map. We use our phones for gps, but its much easier to show the kids where we are with a map, and its kind of fun.

7. Portable potty (basically our little kid potty from home). I’m not sold on this one yet. A friend of ours brings hers with her everywhere. Like everywhere. Its not being packed yet. Do we need it?

8. First aid kit. I have a small one in my purse. and I usually have extra band aids, but there have been times when I really would have liked some Tylenol, for myself, and couldn’t get into the luggage to get my make-up bag. It would’ve been nice to have everything more easily accessible.

What is on your list?


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