Five Random Things, June 20, 2017

Because its summer, and I am behind on everything, here is another addition of five random things (not all about me).

1. Summer is my favorite season even with the insane heat and humidity of Houston. To me, summer brings a feeling of excitement and freedom, even if I am still going to work with all the other adults. I occasionally have the same excitement before going on vacation. I don’t even have to be the person that is going on vacation, its almost as if that feeling is vicariously in the air. Maybe its just the relax in schedule that I oddly embrace.

Either way its summer and I am embracing that relaxed schedule so much so that I am sleeping in, until 6 a.m., which completely hijacks my prep time, workout time, recipe writing time. . . and even though I am sleeping in, in the mornings, I’m still occasionally taking my afternoon naps on my home-with-kids’ days, mainly because it represents quiet alone time and after being at the park for 3 plus hours in the mornings, or swimming with the kids, I am beat.

We are still cooking, because we are still eating, I’m just not doing a very good job documenting it. See:

2. I used to collect greeting cards. I loved to buy greeting cards and would use them, but I would buy them and then save them until that perfect time to use them. I still many of them saved in a box for that perfect opportunity . . . This past weekend we attended a graduation ceremony and party for a close family friend. I’ve had a congrats grat! greeting card in my box since 1999 (I’m guessing because that was the date on the copyright of the envelope). Finally got the chance to use it.

3. I still have the dress that I wore to my graduation party, in 1998. That was nineteen years ago. It isn’t in a box somewhere, its hanging in my closet. I sold my original wedding gown, but I still have the dress that I wore to a party in 1998, explain that one. It brings me joy? Its a glorified swimsuit cover up (lightweight, some sort of poly blend, but not itchy, not cotton, not silk, but somewhere in between), long spaghetti-strap maxi-dress before maxi-dresses mandated their own genre of dresses, and is a light blue-green turquoise. It would be even better if it still fit.

4. My husband and I have been going on more date nights recently. We usually go get something to eat and then go to the office. When it wasn’t too hot, we’d drag a couple of office chairs outside and just sit and talk. This past weekend we set up his laptop in the conference room and just sat and watched Orange is the New Black for a few hours. There is something about simply not having the kids around, even if we are doing mundane normal things, that is just so much more relaxing.

5. There was discussion this past Saturday morning of my husband going to Home Depot to get something (I can’t remember what). The kids all want to go. They love going in theory, but on occasion have refused to get out of the car once in the parking lot of Home Depot and realize what is actually in store. He ended up not going, but we all went to look at vans instead. The kids had a great time. The show room had a van they could sit in and look at. The wait area included a noise-proof play room where they could sit and watch the Disney channel. When we got home everyone was sitting down at the table for lunch. Saxer made the comment that he had so much fun at Home Depot. I didn’t have the heart to correct him. He’s going to be sadly disappointed the next time he has to go to the real Home Depot.




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