Five Random Things About Me, June 6, 2017

This blog is a forever work in progress. I love baking and cooking and while that is a large part of the focus, I connect more with blogs when I know more about the writer. I actually care to try something whether a recipe, a life hack, or even a recommendation, if I know something about the person.

So, in an effort to share more,

1. I am an attorney, largely commercial transactions, with a focus on oil and gas.

2. At sixteen I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom (if I am being honest there are days that I still do). I was going to go to college and then medical school because it was important (and what else was I supposed to do until it was time to get married and have kids?), but ultimately once I was married and had children, I wanted to stay home.

3. I share an office with my husband, literally. He is not an attorney. I am not sure I could handle that.

4. I have horrible anxiety. For instance I did not want to go to the office today because it involved simply going to the office. There was nothing daunting or in particular on my schedule for the day, just show up per usual and take care of things. Yesterday that seemed like a normal reasonable day, even welcoming day, but this morning, not so much. Previously I was diagnosed as having a mild form of bi-polar disorder. I took medication for a few years and while I believe that it stabilized some of the mood swings, it didn’t help with the anxiety or post-partum issues. I weaned off in the summer of 2015. I still have the anxiety, but not the mood swings. I have tried taking anti-anxiety meds but most often end up depressed or without any short term memory instead of less-anxious. Occasionally I have been taking Nutricalm.

5. I hate tomatoes. I used to like tomatoes. I quit eating them for awhile during one of my pregnancies. I tried to eat them recently and can’t. Within pico de gallo is okay, or cooked in sauce is fine. But I can’t seem to swallow if on their own, raw. It is horrible. Apparently this is a real thing.


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