About Droll Lane

Droll Lane is our collection of recipes, mixed in with some life. Tried and true, easy enough for me, for the kids, and for you. Nothing that I make, that we make, is so complicated that you could fail. Most of recipes utilize staples that could be found in the average kitchen (or the average grocery store). I love to bake and to cook, but I know that staring at a recipe that requires 15 plus different ingredients and dozens of steps is just too much to tackle after a long day either at the office or with kids. Thinking about that just makes me dizzy.

So pull up a stool at the island and make yourself at home. Everyone else does. Drinks are in the beverage cooler on the far end and if you don’t see what you like, check the refrigerator in the garage. Watch your feet, the kids like to ride their bikes (and trikes), morning, noon and night.

So how did we get here?

After our fourth was born in the fall of 2016, we decided to finally update our kitchen. We had less than 100 square feet, an extra refrigerator taking up valuable space, a large hole in the wall from when we tried to change out the backsplash when we move in back in 2008, and an oven (and stove) from 1963. What started as picking up some new appliances on a black Friday deal quickly escalated into a full down stairs overhaul.

All of six of us and our big red lab spent Thanksgiving through New Years in a camper trailer in the driveway. Meanwhile our house was gutted and literally put back together again. Six people (albeit one of them still an infant, and a number of them small) living out of a 250 square feet was an experience I will never forget. More than anything it was instructive as to what we really need to be happy, to thrive, and what we don’t.

Our home, this new space, is simply where we, as a family can play, live, learn, and grow together. And there is just so much more room for activities. So much more room for life.